Travel diary from Mykonos


Welcome to Mykonos


Welcome to Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island in the heart of the Cyclades. Mykonos, was my dreamy place since Instagram was invented.

This island is so perfectly photogenic with those sugar cube houses and azure coloured waters. Set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity. The contrast of white and blue combined with golden sand and pink sunsets makes each photo perfect. I’m sure every traveller has at least one picture from a Greek island on their ‘Bucket List’ or ‘Favourite Places’ board. Whether you are an entertainment junkie out for a real good time, or a visitor who wishes to explore the island’s history and tradition, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.

One of the nice things about visiting Mykonos on a cruise ship is how small it is. This small size means you can see a lot in a short amount of time and also have time to relax and soak up the gorgeous Greek atmosphere. When you’re cruising you usually have a day or two in each destination so you can feel as though you’re missing out on seeing places.


What to see when visiting Mykonos


Mykonos Town is the largest town on the island. Spend the mornings exploring the little walkways and narrow streets that are lined with independent shops and yummy eateries. For a little art, head over to the Rarity Gallery, swiftly followed by a Dio Horia gallery which are within walking distance of each other.


Little Venice, windmills

You can’t visit Mykonos without seeing the windmills – it’s just the said thing you have to see. Although you might not be blown away by their incredible height or dramatic cliff like positions, they are an iconic monument of the island and actually have lots of amazing history to learn from.  The windmills are situated on the coastline within Mykonos Town itself and easily seen when you’re here. Make sure to head to Little Venice (on the opposite shoreline within the city), especially around sunset.


Yup, Mykonos has its own Little Venice in the town itself. Perched right on the waterfront, head here for some stunning sunsets and a bite to eat. You might find the bars and restaurants a tad bit more expensive in this area but that shouldn’t stop you from going. It’s also a great place to chill out with friends and travel buddies in the late evening.



Mykonos might be a tranquil little Greek gem but it’s also got some wild bars and music to experience. In the day, hop over to Paradise Beach where you can grab some epic cocktails at The Tropicana Beach Club.

In the evening, bounce on up to Cavo Paradiso that’s perched overlooking the town itself. Think DJ sets, big crowds and a pool, obviously! If big crowds aren’t your thing, head over to the more intimate bars which spill out into the small streets and waterfront.



Petros is one of the islands most famous residents and can often be found wobbling along the harbourfront area. His waddle always makes it looks like he’s had far too many Ouzos. Anyway, before I ramble on about his tipsy walking, make sure to keep your eyes peeled when you arrive, he’s most definitely the island’s mascot.


Travel tips for Mykonos

  • The waters around Mykonos are choppy so I’d recommend sea sickness tablets for boat trips.
  • Arrive early to photograph the windmills. It can be difficult to get a good shot when they’re surrounded by people. Sunset is another great time for a gorgeous shot but there will be lots of people up there.
  • Lots of people get around Mykonos by renting a scooter or quad bike. Make sure you hire from a reputable company and return it on time to avoid sky-high fees.
  • Be sure to bring a tied hat with you. It is windy on the island.


I was on the cyclades for the first time. Before leaving, I had no opinion about the Greeks or the island itself. Which I was very happy because I could get my own opinion in 100%. Already on the first day, the residents turned out to be very nice, friendly, helpful and above all very hospitable. During the whole stay they surprised us with their kindness and cordiality. In addition to people, we were also surprised by the food, which was delicious. We tried some of the local dishes for example: greek salad, gyros, pita, moussaka, souvlaki to greek desserts, cakes and cookies. Everything we tried tasted better than the previous one. Our stay was not just for food, but for relaxation and admiring these beautiful views.




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